Common Day at NYU Silver – November 2014, March 2015 & April 2016
Overview of Skin Picking Disorder and other BFRBs
Discussed experience living with skin picking disorder in which people compulsively pick their skin often to the point of scarring and tissue damage. Presented information on diagnosis, symptoms, and personal narratives via social media. Also highlighted treatment options for body-focused repetitive behaviors.

Voices of the Bronx at NYU Silver – March 2014
Student Survey on Bronx Field Placements
As a member of the Latino Social Work Student Organization, created a survey to ask current MSW students about their attitudes and interests in having internships in the Bronx. Although the Bronx has a high number of Latinos, there are very few social workers in the borough and few interns placed.

Recruit/Support/Develop at NYU Silver – April 2015
Survey of Latino Students at NYU Silver
Lead a team that created and surveyed Latino students at NYU Silver to better understand how they feel supported as social work students. Analyzed and presented a summary of the survey results to school faculty, staff and administrators with a goal to help increase the number of Latino and bilingual social work students at the school.