iTunes Radio vs. Pandora

Apple released iTunes Radio over a week ago and I’ve been testing it out. Perhaps that’s why I’ve been using it more often than Pandora. I’m a rock-solid Pandora user, although I don’t have a subscription. Online radio subscriptions are the first things to go in my household budget, along with other kinds of entertainment and media.

But I’ve reached for iTunes Radio on my iPad more often recently. Perhaps it’s because it’s new, but the other reason is because I’m finding a greater variety of music. Playing some of the pre-set stations, it appears that iTunes Radio has a much deeper catalog. Is that because Apple is do dominant with music and has good relations with labels? I’m not sure, but when I listened to the 80s Station, or example, I heard songs that I haven’t heard in years.

I’ve noticed some glitches with iTunes Radio, however. Sometimes it plays a song I just heard 10 minutes ago. In fact, it seems to replay the same two or three songs in a row. It also played a song even though I had just said never to play again. What’s up with that? It also just crashed my iPad completely to a hard reboot screen. It was kind of shocking because I hardly ever see that happen to my iPad. I hope these issues get fixed soon, because it’s happened on a few different stations.

Most impressive is that iTunes Radio actually makes iTunes more interesting and modern. I use an iPad, and I just hate how iTunes looks and acts. I was hoping iOS 7 would give us a completely redesigned iTunes, but that was too good to be true, I guess. iTunes Radio is a good start, but the rest of iTunes is hopelessly terrible.

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