My name is Jose Alvear and I’m a writer. I’ve been involved in high tech since I was a teenager when I played around with my Atari 400. Although I mostly used it to play video games, I also learned to love everything about technology and became involved with the Internet in the early 90s. I played around with Netscape Navigator and videoconferencing, which lead to a freelance writing career focusing on Internet video. I wrote for a bunch of magazines that don’t exist anymore (like The Net, Internet World, NetGuide and Home Office Computing) and contributed to a bunch of books.

In 1998, I wrote one of the first technical books on Internet video called “Guide to Streaming Multimedia” published by Wiley. Unfortunately, it was outdated as soon as it was published.  After my book was released, I worked for Streaming Media as an editor, and later helped launched their newsletter, magazine and research division after which the company was acquired by Penton Media in 2000.

After a short stint in healthcare research, I then moved on to research and analysis focusing on pay-TV and Internet video. Primarily, I focused on the IPTV market which essentially means following the growth of the pay-TV market as telcos around the world launched their services. I have worked with Multimedia Research Group writing reports focusing on the IPTV market and have also covered topics like cloud-TV services, content delivery networks, social TV and TV apps.

I am currently working as a solo research analyst and am working on a book about the disruption of the TV market, including Internet video and how tablets are changing consumer TV consumption.

Aside from work, I’m a pop culture maven and love watching TV including some of the trashiest kinds of shows imaginable. I love music of all kinds and have just recently learned how to play drums, and would like to know how to play the ukulele better. I also love travel and photography and well, lots of other things. if you want to know more, it’s best to find me on Twitter.

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